Message from a place called “gangster”

(Phone rings)

Husband answers (in Peterboroughian accen*) Hello

His mother in law: Happy wedding Anniversary!

Husband: Yes

Mother in law: Have got anything nice planned?

Husband: Er…I took her out for Breakfast?

Mother in law: Oh yes?

Husband: Yep, walked round to the corner shop and brought some Shreddies…

So it turns out it is our wedding anniversary, its one week before my birthday so we should not forget, but we do, every year.

Today I decided to use my new over-locker, as i did not read the instructions** before using it, it came unthreaded within seconds but I managed to rethread the little blighter quite quickly and without tears or wine and then proceeded to make some samples of stretch seams, despite him indoors complaining of being near blinded by neon spandex

Next step; bespoke cycling clothing ( well in fact the next step is for me to try and re-make one of my current jerseys to see how it turns out)

The rest of the day was spend at Burghley House in Stamford researching a upcoming project, the plan was the cycle there, but as I was going with fellow artist Stu, we went in his car (next time, next time)

I cycled to Stu’s on the Pashley, its a sunny day bike and its still sunny (Grins)


Much research and looking at old stuff/ hearing story’s about old stuff ensued


Interesting place Burghley, do go if you have a chance. It was a most productive trip and helped to formed my idea, which I’m now really looking forward to getting starting on


Back then to Peterborough and the cottage, my sometime office /studio space, for a meeting about an upcoming project during which the blackboard walk was put to great use, then I cycled home, at this point yesterdays exercise started to catch up with me, it was a painful ride into a head wind, which I continued to complain about long into the evening.

Tomorrow I’m going out on Jake, whatever the weather, Bring on the mud…


*one part east London slum lord one part Fenland eel catcher, Americans think he comes from a place called “gangster”

** I have a degree from London college of fashion, I refuse to read instructions for anything sewing based, even if that means breaking it!



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