Steer clear of enchanted peaches

It is about the time in the film in which I am given a enchanted peach and after just one bite I drift off into a strange and wonderful dream world only to later wake to discover I am very much behind schedule

The last bit at least is true, I have been wrapped up into a storm of sewing and dealing with impending moving “stuff”

Thursday aka day three

in between sewing I had to ensure the house was clean and tidy for potential new occupants, a lot of this work involved finding places to hide the six bikes which normally share our living space, this at least enabled me to ride them around the house and garden while playing a wheel based game of sardines, fuelled by large amounts of non peach based sugar.

Friday was in fact a mirror imagine of Wednesday, only rehideing stuff is so much less fun then the original hiding, in a Groundhog Day kind of way. At least by saturday this silliness was over.

Sadly more sewing was needed, but said costumes were finally finished by Sunday afternoon, although not with enough time (or energy) to make it much further than the end of the garden cycling wise.

Really must try harder, and lay off the enchanted peaches. However a new week is about to start and who knows what lays in store, no really, I can’t find my diary, help me out…



Dangers untold and hardships unnumbered

Day two

I am really looking forward to this week and all the work that needs to happen in it being over.

The good news is that it’s the middle of the week, the bad news is that it’s the middle of the week.

Despite my need to sew consistently all day for the war (anniversary) effort I did find time to get on my bike and ride, around my kitchen in tiny circles.

Now the kitchen in my new house if far bigger than my old one, this feat would have been impossible in my old one, little fact for you.

If I can just make it to the weekend, I know I can go on some proper rides.

Reader, two strange facts regarding the where and when’s of my writing this, fact one, I am writing this on the correct day. Fact two I am typing this in the gym, because going to the gym counts the same as training in it, right? right?



Day one, year two, thirty days of cycling

When I get excited or inspired, or just overwhelmed I struggle with day to day tasks

With this in mind, In the last week or so I have;

Removed my laundry from the washing machine wearing oven gloves

Found a fully wrapped fruit salad sweet in the bottom of my hot chocolate

Put a spoonful of sugar in my cutlery drawer, rather than my tea

Perhaps the limit was when making toast and studying social media, an idea hit and I very nearly spread jam on my iPad

And this is the stage on which I approach my second 30 days of cycling pledge. The first week will perhaps be the most challenging, it looks like it might all go wrong on the very first day but I did somehow managed to not to break my pledge on day one, cycling to town on my cyclocross bike, to drop off a book.

A lot has happened in the last year, this time last year I had loads of exciting things planned for my first pledge, this time round, I have not cycled in months.

I now live in Worcester, but this month I will again move back east, all the time cycling every day? I guess we will see.

My tiny ride did at least remind me how much I love cycling, on a beautiful sunny, on relatively flat ground, however I am rusty, I forgot I now have clip pedals, which were not well suited to my trainers, I had once again forgotten how to use my gears and, my last thinking bicycle moment being in Amsterdam, I struggled to work out the current side of the road to be on, that all worked out, I am now ready. Bring on day two