30 days of biking, days seven and eight

Day seven,

Feeling better and back to work, I only have three working days this week and a lot to do so blog posts may get a little lost in the middle.

Early morning ride out to collect a cycling themed parcel, (bike) body parts for the husbands new project, I miss having to cycle to get to work in the morning, stumbling into the next room has its benefits, pj days, never having to say sorry for being late, etc, etc, but I miss my early morning rides. 

Spent the rest of the day, and evening cutting out for my current costume project, busy, busy, busy!

Day eight, 

More of the same today, perhaps a hint more panic in my costume making, but again an early morning ride, this time to the shop to get breakfast etc, only on arriving I discovered I had left my wallet at home, meaning my cycling mileage was doubled do to my own stupidity, I did try to take four different routes to and from said shop to make it more interesting thou? 


Cycling pledge, day six

Cycling pledge, day six

Migraine, day two 

Good god I feel rough.

Didn’t feel much like cycling, but I managed a tiny distance on him indoor’s Pashley, a giant great beast of a bike, I guess I just wanted to know if I could handle it, hardly a good idea when my balance is mashed, but it was a very short ride.

Other than that I have really just been trying to hold it together, I did walk about ten miles, trying to pass the time till I get my head back to myself.

Should be ok again tomorrow, let’s hope so!


30 days of biking, day five

Day five: Easter Sunday

Also sadly day one of what is likely to be a two day migraine, how wonderful

Cycling wise, as I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go I had to make a reason to get out on my bike, so while the husband worked on the car I dug my race bike out and rode it in ever larger cycles, to get a little air and test out the brakes, which as it turns out are fine.

I spent the other parts of the day working on craft projects, making hundreds of tiny arms from clay, re stringing a necklace, washing fabrics ready to be cut out, that sort of business.

Not bad for a high functioning invalid.


30 days of biking, day four

Day four:

Bicycling bit: I cycled to the rowing club at some unearthly hour this morning to cox before cycling on to town and then back home

Anything else of interest to report? Yes…

While ordering supplies the other day I spotted that you can now buy carbon fibre corset bones, this struck me as the perfect opportunity for a cycling/ sewing cross over project, so I brought some, although I have to say they are eye wateringly expensive.

Carbon fibre was not used for any historical corsets, but it does make super light and strong boning. It has much less flex then steel, In fact when it arrived today I discovered it has hardly any flex at all. 

The bonings solidness has meant I need to completely rethink my corset design. I had planned to make an early twentieth century light sports type corset and use this as the side boning, However I fear this may end bloodily, so I need a new design.

I have eight 30cm long bones and I’m wondering about sort regency style stays, although I welcome ideas

Mmmh ponder…



30 days of bicycling, days two and three

Day two,Thursday, aka work a day, cycled to town in the hot sunshine, walked home after an evening at the pub

Day three, Friday, the start of the bank holiday weekend, walked to town and cycled back in the pouring rain

I took advantage of the bank holiday by setting about finishing a cycling themed sewing project which has long been malingering at the bottom of my sewing to do list.

In all honestly it is finished, it’s a jersey I made him-indoors for Christmas, only I was short on time and when it came to the last bit, stitching the zip in, I stitched it in the back rather than the front, doh indeed.

The prospect of unpicking all that overlooking has kept it firmly at the bottom of my sewing basket but I can happily report all the unpicking is done and it is ready for a new panel to be cut before being stitched today



30 days of biking pledge, day one, Year three

This really snuck up on me this year. Where has the time gone? Etc, etc.

However here we are, 1st of April 2015, 30 days of cycling pledge, year three

What I want to achieve this year:

Following a period of inactivity on the cycle front over the winter, broken only by rides which had a 99% chance of me falling off,I am now petrified of my race bike, this must be dealt with.

Last time I went out on it, only a couple of weeks ago, everything scared me, corners, gears, clips, there was a lot of screaming.

I would also like to fit in a bit more cycling themed sewing, however I have about a billion costumes to make this month, so I’m not hopeful.

Day one:

I needed to collect a parcel from the post office which is only about a mile and a half from my house, a nice gentle start.

However on collecting said parcel I discovered that it was huge, and heavy. Unperturbed I went on to do my food shopping in the co-op, using the top of the box as a kind of rubbish shopping basket, which mostly ended badly, before heading back to my bike.

Here is my bike with the parcel;


And with my backpack, which I brought to put said delivery in, for scale;


However I figured as my trip home was off road and not cycling would but just as hard as cycling and so gave it a go. The ferocious wind didn’t help, but I did just about manage with the box balanced on my handle bars and by bending my knees outwards so as to avoid knocking the box and unbalancing everything.

That was my one and only cycle ride for the day.

But the husband is also clearly feeling the biking vibe as after getting home from work he proceeded to take a bike wheel completely apart before rebuilding it, in the lounge as shown;


Various parts were washed in the bath before the whole thing was rebuilt, you see he is about to start on a cycling project of his own, hopefully some of which will happen this month so as to pad out my drivel.

Until tomorrow!