Roller Derby: Skate noose tutorial

I first encountered skate nooses in Double Threat Skates in London. It struck me as a useful but simple derby themed make. Skates are by fair the heaviest part of your kit so carrying them across the body makes sense.


I started by doing a little research, to decide on the style I wanted, there are two main styles, those which are a more literal noose which tighten over your skates and the style I decided to go for, with stitched loops as shown.


What you need: about 2 metres of webbing tape or strong grosgrain ribbon 1inch or wider two d rings with the flat side measuring the same or wider then the tape you are using, a sewing machine or a needle and thread.


I could not find any webbing in my stash, I did find some vintage pure silk grosgrain ribbon from about 1920, and it’s beautiful but perhaps a bit much?


I’m using pure cotton grosgrain tape from Merchant and Mills, it’s not cheap but it matches my new kit bag


I normally have d rings in stock but I could only find one, so I brought some more on eBay, you can get them in a wide range of colours and sizes


Making instructions:


1, The first thing you need to do is establish the length you want it to be, you can do this on a mannequin or on yourself by working out where you want your skates to sit and then measuring the distance from skates to skate over the shoulder, add a little extra for turnings, say 10cm and cut your tape to size


2, Loop the d rings over both ends, turn the raw end in and pin allowing enough space to stitch a reinforced square shape


3, Next you need to establish size of loops at each end, you can do this on your skates making sure it is big enough to loop over two wheels, but not so big they could fall out, cut two lengths of tape once you have established the size, again adding extra for turnings


4, loop one end through the d loop turning it back once, so the raw edge is left out.



then take the other end and fold it over the top so the two raw edges are now covered.


so it looks like this;


5, Check the size is right before you stitch it by trying it over your shoulder, being mindful of pins!


6, Next hand or machine stitch a crossed square as shown



Finished! Now off you pop with skates in tow



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