Freshmeat, and more fresh meat

It is Sunday, it is valentines day and I am attending Fresh meat…with a bag full of fresh meat.
It’s a long story, well it’s not, it’s a birthday gift, a bag of steak, how is that not an amazing gift? Especially from a veggie.

This week I got a lift to training, which left time to enjoy the full grown leopards scrimmage session before us wobbly baby leopards were let loose. I tried to explain the rules of the game to him indoors but I think he had his over protective husband hat on and was busy panicking and mentally risk assessing.
Not really done much mid week training completed this week, so my legs were fresh at least, I feel like I’m improving, we did some more competitive stuff like relays and a version of “tag” or “it”, which was enormous fun. I was surprised by how seriously I took it and how well I managed.
Because this week was a little more hard core we had been advised to get out mouth guards ready for this week. I had been warned that the shaping progress, in which you soak your flat guard in warm water then shape it to your upper teeth before it cools down could be “fun” however I didn’t anticipate quite how much dribble this process would involve, grim. What is more grim thou is taking out your mouth guard at the end of training and finding stray bits of breakfast your teeth have been busy collecting, mega grim, ugh etc.

Anyway; I am starting to feel much more staple on my wheels and thus less likely to fall on my arse, however I still need to improve, so I think I’m going to have to find time to practice during the week this week, even if it’s only the basics.
My skates are getting trashed from all the falls already so this week I duck-taped up the ends of my skates, I was I little worried this would peel off and stick me to the floor by my skates but it did in fact stay on and do the business, as you can see I think it’s going to be a weekly job, good thing I brought all the pretty duck tape! I do love stationary, and leopard print tape is so… relevant.



Cycling away to join the circus ( I heard they have cake)

Reader, The day started badly, him-indoors is very stressed 
about his MA work and I can't really help him, which makes 
me stressed. The house looks like someone has turned upside
down and given it a good shake, my fat upper arms dont fit 
in my blouse and I'm not ready... For any part of the next
three days.

So I'm up at the crack* upsetting the neighbours with my sewing 
machines, trying frantically to get ready for my printing session 
later, while thinking on how to get my new bike to the repair 
shop at the same time.It's not broken, the gears just need a 
professional touch and I really want it ready to ride it on Sunday.  

Of course super-mum comes to the rescue as per, helping me get Jake 
to the bike shop and then making sure I'm at the Uni in time for my 
printing slot. Mums rock, she even brought him-indoors pork pies, 
which means I can tick off "feed husband" from my weekly list of 

I arrive super-stressed, but as soon as the smell of the print room 
hits me I'm as calm as can be, and after a few small battles with 
the laser printer my days starts to reflect my new found mood. 
Who needs Prozac when you have ink and rollers, oh baby...

By the time I've had a bit of fun with lasers and a very productive 
snow queen** project meeting. I'm in an amazing mood and the 
sunshine after the mornings hail reflects this improvement suitably 

Returning to the boro by train with a small brown leather suitcase 
off of the 40's*** full of samples and an over-sized portfolio of 
card I am looking forward to joint birthday meal with Cuddles 
(that's a person not a activity) dispute the total lack of an 
opportunity to change or draw on my face.


I haven't really had a proper cycle today, just getting Jake to 
the car, but it's starting to look like that's about all I'll 
fit in.

So to the meal I go, it's a great evening, I spend a lot of time 
banging on about how I have to be at the rowing club at 8:30 in 
the morning while  simultaneously descending into an ever growing 
cloud of rum.

Here's a bad idea, take a group of rowers, add lashings of rum, 
what do you have? Pirates, lots of them, with no captain.

The plan was to walk home, him-indoors brought frank, so we could 
try a beer-backie, but that's not going to end well, I think I might 
have missed the boat somewhat on backies****, in the end Chris takes 
pity on us and drops us home, leaving poor frank alone in town, so 
that's tomorrow's rescue mission planned then, free the fixie-one

Is it just me or is the floor moving (holds on the the edge of the 
bed) damn fenland earthquakes 


*when the day cracks, it is now dawn, not to be mistaken for the 
cracken, which is very bad news for water dwellers or shot drinkers 
as it turns out (burp)

** a project for The Scott Polar Museum in Cambridge, yes my job 
rocks, i know right? 

*** which always makes me want to run away and join the circus or 
something equally reckless  

**** a short history of backies and me: I didn't know what one was 
till i met my husband, a couple of times when we have been short 
on bike and long on tired legs we have tried this, but  I scream 
the whole time, which might explain why him-indoors is so deaf, 
ANYWAY i think the reason this gives me the fear is because you 
have to learn to do it while you are still a teenage and thus 
immortal, and why did i not do this as a teen, growing up in 
Cambridge aka the land of the bike? well Where i grew up every 
child had their own bike, so there was no need for such things. 

Thursday is coconuts day or moose day or my day working at 
Cambridge united football club.
todays cycling menu consists of a trip to and from the train 
station on frank-n-fixie.
It's is very muggy and I keep having to stop enroute to the 
train station to remove layers, it's a proper mormon strip 
tease* as I have far more clothes on that today requires, but 
then I'm quite British like that. I nearly always have, a 
selection of cardigans, an umbrella, sunglasses, tissues,
wet wipes etc etc

The bit in the middle between biking involves the normal amounts 
of talking about football, tidying up, making tea, washing up, 
scanning stuff in, numbering stuff sticking stuff back down,
settling arguments watching  other people do the bleep test 
while eating my own body weight in birthday (week) cake, 
getting locked out while photographing scrapbooks on the pitch,
and having to cut through the showers while hoping they are not
in use...just another standard day really**

The cycle home is blissful as the day is really rather perfect 
weather wise and for the first time today I have the right 
amount of clothing on, go me!
The evening is spent in my studio, up to my neck in fabric and 
thread, making samples, which is a surefire way of ensuring 
I am a happy bunny
I should sew more and manage less, I should also cycle more and 
work less

*take off clothes, not revealing any more flesh, normally meaning 
you started with too many layers

** if footballs your thing try my other blog the other football girl is 
really quite funny and can actually write


You can’t look where your going if you don’t know where your going


It is no longer my birthday, I am now older and all my presents 
are open, boo

The husband is up north ensuring the wall keeps the wildlings 
and white walkers out, so I have the house to myself and a 
studio day is the plan of action

Some nasty admin tasks do not help to lift my mood and as I 
have a rather special dress to get ready for a fitting this 
evening I decide drastic action is in order
Cola (with a slice of lemon and even more importantly a straw) 
chocolate buttons and the labyrinth DVD on the imac...
mmmh that's better

While sewing and watching I reflect on how the film never fails 
to lift my mood and start planning my autobiography, told through
the structure of the film*


Dress done, I head of on frank to my evening fittings which 
include opening another card and present ( I'm a very lucky girl) 
before heading back to the rowing club to admire Ella's newly 
uncast leg and talk about the cycle ride she has roped me into 
on Sunday, well when I say "roped" what i mean is I bit her hand off.

It's quite hard to find girls to cycle with, you see, 
they keep breaking
Ella is perhaps the only person I know who comes close to being as 
accident prone as me...only I fall and bounce she falls and shatters, 
however, having raced in a four with her I can also confirm she is 
one of the most competitive people I know which should make this 
interesting...dont you think Ella? ;) 

* i know every word of this film by heart, and have on many 
occasions recited some or all of it, as a one women impromptu 
show and sometimes with other wakkos, am happy to do so on 
request, but trust me, its a very weird thing to witness

A belly full of cake and other stories

Surprise! I brought myself a bike for my birthday, oh you shouldn’t have, I know, but I have already unwrapped it.

As I was still trying to catch up from yesterday I didn’t have much time for opening presents in the morning as I had to be a a meeting at the cottage for ten, ready to discuss my ideas so far for a project I’m working on with Burghley House.

The weather was an unexpected present, a beautiful sunny day, I cycled into town on the pashley, it’s the perfect sunny birthday bike and I’m reminded of past birthdays and other sunny cycles to work.

By the time I leave my meeting at lunchtime it’s a scorcher, I have a couple of jobs to do in town and i take my time, running into a few old faces and enjoying the sun. When I do head back I go via my Cathy’s house for a catch up and to open my first present. Cathy and I mostly eat biscuits and chatter but we have also been known to go out for the odd bike ride.

Carrying the pashley past Cathy’s bins to get to the garden, is much harder than it is with frank, it’s a heavy beast and it can’t resist giving me a big oily birthday kiss all over my top and new jeans, thanks my fat lovely one…

Back home I finally get to open my presents and cards while snaffling my lunch. There is a clearly a theme of dinosaurs and cycling, but no dinosaurs on bikes…

The sun lasts all day and I spend the afternoon trying to be outside as much as possible, I take frank to the rowing club, I leave before him-indoors and he is quite shocked when he is unable to catch me up, I am clearly improving 🙂

The lovely Anna brought me a birthday cake which was very tasty, Dan wants a shout out and the only way I can think of seamlessly shoehorning it in is by pointing out he tried to eat two pieces of my cake…

So now I’m a year older and no wiser but I do have the beginnings of a tan and a belly full of cake, so I’m not complaining


Falling out of my jeans, and into debt

Today I really was in cambridge, working at the Abbey stadium for Cambridge United…it’s quite a long story, that started out involving costumes and if you are really interested you can read about it on one of my other blogs

I cycle to the train station, but wimp out of taking frank on the train, it’s really rather a bother traveling with a bike on the train, especially when your Cambridge bound, as you are very likely to get chucked off if your bike wasn’t pre booked.

I promise to take a bike to cambridge by the end of the month, hey what’s the worst that could happen?

Cambridge really is the home of cycling, from the moment you get off the train you are surrounded, mostly by students who appear to have never cycled before and think the roads of Cambridge are the place to learn, with varying degrees of success…

Today it is cold and wet and my legs are chilly as I am wearing leggings for the 5th day on the trot, this is not because I like leggings or because I look good in them, it is because I can no longer fit in any of my jeans. I am now left with a strange cycling/ rowing/ cake based figure, same small waist, but an ever growing bum, massive thighs and chunky calfs. I have always had robust ankles, meaning getting skinny jeans past said ankles is often a struggle, now any of my jeans I can get past my thighs, I can’t cycle/ sit down/ move/breath in, so leggings it is. Seriously who makes jeans for cyclists? Or do I have to get on this? I hate making jeans, they are so fiddly and denim is so heavy, sigh.

So I get to the ground, my volunteers should be turning up at 10 and after an early start I’m ready at 10 on the dot. It is another two hours before anyone turns up, by which time I have invented a number of games for one, mostly involving eating the large amounts of cakes and biscuits I have brought and now expected to be left with.

After a much more productive afternoon it is is back to the boro and frank, who has the honer of transporting me firstly to two more fittings before taking me home, for reasons best known to the Gods i have displeased, I am forced to cycle home with a long roll of maps, in the rain.

This makes me think of all the random and awkward things I have cycled with… And this will be the subject of an extra post, when I have more hands complete it…

Anyhow, once home I was loured to the Internet by the husband, who wished to show me a couple of real bargains he had found online, in less time than it took our dinner to cook I had purchased a brand new bike, yikes!

I thought a film might distract me from what I had just done, but on reflection perhaps the cycling themed The Flying Scotsman was not the best choice, especially as this dude built himself a bike from old washing machine parts, perhaps I should have just given my grandad a call, he once presented us with a lawnmower he had made from an old washing machine…mind you we already have a womble bike built from scrap, the frank-n-fixie

What have I done, thank goodness it’s nearly my birthday, it’s perfectly ok to buy yourself a present right?