Nose over knees over toes or arse over tit?

1, I didn’t fall on my arse for the whole session, I was super proud of myself, however while walking back home through central Cambridge I managed to fall flat on my face, not even sure how I managed it, I think I need pads in real life…


2, You can not scratch your head while wearing your helmet, I know, I tried.


3, I do not currently have a bag I can fit all my kit in, I do not even have a bag I can fit most of my kit in without spending a good deal of time thinking about the order in which items go into the bag, this is too much work post skating, I need something I can just chuck items at before crawling home.


4, Skating makes me as hungry as running, passably even more so. Although I always have breakfast, by the time I have got to training and skated for two hours I am beyond hungry. This week I came out of training and wandered into a shop which sold food, I struggled not to just fall into the first display and polish off the whole thing through osmosis. I don’t remember anything touching the sides on the way down, never mind chewing, gah, I’m hungry thinking about it!


5, I am OK at falling (to be fair I have had quite a lot of practice) I really need to work on gliding (skating round on one leg) and my balance generally. I struggle with “sticky skates” an exercise in which rather than pushing with your feet to move along, you keep moving by using your leg muscles and foot movements, keeping your skates in contact with the floor the whole time, it may just be that I struggled so much with this as my leg muscles hated me by this point.


6, I need to spend as much time as possible in “derby stance” (nose over knees over toes) both on and off skates, right, arse (halfway) to grass! Let’s go!


Apparently next week we need mouth guards…