Three walnut whips, easy on the walnuts and a shot glass of the warmest orange juice known to humanity please

The thing about Saturdays is that I’m often up and on my bike before I’m fully awake, in the winter this can be quite painful but once the suns out there is no better way to acclimatise to the day.


Today’s not in the least (hem) hung-over pedal to the rowing club was followed by my first row in an eight of the year* and the first crab I have caught in at least a year, A proper over your head number at full kilt. All of this silliness was preceded by the cooking of 24 bacon butties, with the help of the very vegetarian Tracy. All of which were quickly snaffled by hungry rowers.


Before I could relax in the sun my Nokia N95 intruder alarm informed me my mother was sitting outside my house and a swift cycle back was required before said effort was rewarded by a free lunch for myself and him-indoors.


Once again I was so hungry* I didn’t really eat lunch as absorb it instantaneously without bothering with things like chewing, this may be because up until this point all of the aforementioned exercise was achieved on a breakfast of three walnut whips* and a shot glass of warm orange juice, oh yes breakfast of champions.


Any time, which could have been used in sewing or cycling, was taken up by sleeping, such a bad person am I…


I did however watch another cycling themed film, Overcoming, I had tried to watch this on Thursday but the husband informed me he was much too tired for subtitles, to which I replied you don’t need to the subtitles their speaking Danish it’s like practically the same thing.


The film is described as a profound and penetrating insight into the hermetically closed world of professional cycling. My review is as follows;


– Can people’s necks really make that noise without breaking?


– These guys fall off a lot, does that mean I’m not in fact a shit cyclist even thou I’m always covered in scrapes, cuts, burns and bruises?


– I’d like someone to clean and maintain my bike… oh yes, thanks him-indoors…


– Lance should do panto, he’s like the ultimate all time bad guy, I made him-indoors dress as Lance Armstrong for Halloween last year, see illustration A


– Ok so perhaps Danish isn’t just like English, oh no wait that’s French…how many languages does this guy speak?




* We went to the house, I love rowing in the Fens, you have such as great landmarks to aim for, such as “the house” “the power cables” and one of my favs “the white sign” which is really just a post, as the sign fell off years ago


*I don’t eat bacon


*I don’t eat the walnuts, him-indoors gets thrown those